Waiotahi Contractors Fined

Waiotahi Contractors have copped a huge fine for contaminating a Bay of Plenty stream last year.

The offending happened during a late summer rain event in February 2017.

Despite being warned about oncoming rain, an earthworks site the company was managing near Ohauiti was overwhelmed, and sediment controls couldn’t cope. Testing at the site showed the contamination was more than 60 times over the permitted level.

The company was fined $88,200

Regulatory Compliance Manager Alex Miller says when high levels of sediment enter waterways it can significantly impact freshwater ecosystems and contribute to long term issues.

Henry Claydon, the Managing Director of Waiotahi Contractors says they've used the experience to step up their efforts in environmental management.

The Regional Council has also partnered with a consultant, working on behalf of Waiotahi, to provide a workshop to a range of local earthworks operators on the importance of sound environmental management and complying with resource consent conditions.

Sam Gardner