Kopeopeo Canal Remediation

A former Whakatane sawmill worker is unhappy with the science and methodology used by the Regional Council over the remediation of the Kopeopeo Canal.

Over the past year or so work's been carried out to excavate contaminated material from the canal and surrounding area and spread it on land next to State Highway 30 past the Tauranga turn-off.

With the project completed, short tours of the containment site on Kope Drain Road were held earlier this year.

However Matt Kohe, originally associated with the Group Sawmill Workers against Poison, questions the effectiveness of the remediation.

He says moving and relocating some of the debris is not a very good practice at all, scientifically and in terms of health, it’s dangerous.

Mr Kohe says their creating more hazardous sites than what they started off with.

Sam Gardner