Recycling drop-offs sorting required

As of this week, public or business drop-offs of unsorted mixed recycling will no longer be accepted at the Whakatane transfer station.

Anyone dropping-off recyclable waste at the Whakatane District council's Whakatane or Murupara transfer stations will now be required to sort and place items in the appropriate receptacles.

Council Solid Waste Manager Nigel Clarke says to be able to maintain a free drop-off facility for recycling, items need to be separated by category.

At the Whakatane transfer station, there are receptacles for cardboard, paper, green glass, brown glass, clear glass, plastic and tins and cans.

He says to make the free drop-off service achievable, people need to sort their recyclables and put them into the right receptacles, ready for sending on to the end-user.

He says glass recycling dropped-off at the Murupara transfer station will need to be separated according to glass colour, and there will also be a separate receptacle for cardboard.

Sam Gardner