Government confirms $217m funding for learning support roles

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Associate Education Minister Tracey Martin have confirmed hundreds of millions in funding for learning support roles in schools.


The Draft Disability and Learning Support Action Plan announced in late September, proposes new Learning Support Coordinator roles in schools across New Zealand, to help pupils with special learning needs like dyslexia or autism.


The government will commit 217-million dollars of funding over four years to the roles, with an initial intake of about 600 expected to be in place as early as the start of 2020.


Allandale Primary School Principal Drew Manning says it's a big win for schools.


He says a special needs coordinator or a learning support coordinator position has existed on a temporary basis, in most schools.


He says until now schools have had to create that position out of their own staffing, so it was either an extra job for teachers or the school would have to support a special needs coordinator position.

Michelle Keighley