Eastern Bay voters some of the best in NZ

Nationally there are concerns this year's local body elections, will have the lowest voting returns in history.

But Eastern Bay districts are actually projected to do better this time round, then they did in the 2016 election.

Opotiki is the district that's doing the best, hitting the 40 per cent mark on their voting returns yesterday. At the same time in 2016, they were only at 29 per cent.

Whakatane have also caught up a bit, now sitting at 32 per cent, still behind Opotiki.

These districts though are doing much better than some other Bay areas.

The Rotorua Lakes District are only at 23 per cent, while Tauranga has only just hit 20 per cent.

It's now too late to post voting returns, so anyone who wishes to vote will need to drop off their returns at a council office.

Sam Gardner