Chlorine to go back into Kawerau water supply

Kawerau District Council is introducing a low level chlorine dose to the town water supply.

Yesterday’s Regulatory and Services Committee meeting heard that a current upgrade to underground broadband cables had already caused at least three pipe breakages, and there is a risk of more.

This puts the water reticulation at high risk of contamination.

Councillors considered the risk to public health is too great to leave the water without residual treatment, which can only be provided by adding chlorine. To reduce the risk chlorine will be added, though at a lower dose than previously used.

In the meantime, flushing of all the pipes will continue and an air scouring trial is underway.

Mayor Malcolm Campbell said he would rather Council featured in the local media for discolouration from low level chlorination than appear on the 6 o’clock news for an outbreak of gastroenteritis.

The low level chlorination will continue until further notice. Members of the public are asked to contact the Council with any queries.

Sam Gardner