A message from Eastern Bay Police

Eastern Bay of Plenty Police are urging motorists to do their part in helping to prevent further harm on the region’s roads.

There have been seven road fatalities in the region so far this year — the same number as all of 2018.

“Road safety is everyone’s responsibility but we’re seeing driving standards fall well below expected levels.

Of particular note is the number of drivers losing control due to distraction or fatigue, some ending up in the path of oncoming vehicles,” Eastern Bay of Plenty Road Policing Manager Sergeant Ray Wylie says.

“This type of behaviour has to stop.

Police are urging drivers to take regular breaks, have a good night’s rest before a long journey, share the driving, and focus on driving without distraction.

That means putting cellphones away — a momentary lapse in concentration could be the difference between life and death.

“By working together we can help ensure drivers, passengers, riders and all other road users get to their destination safely.

The last thing we want is to see anyone else killed or seriously injured on our roads.”

Sam Gardner