Edgecumbe blaze timely reminder of fire safety


A fire which left one person injured on Monday night, has come as a timely reminder to ensure we’re heating our homes safely.

The fire began inside a chimney before ravishing an entire home, on Western Drain Road near Edgecumbe,.

Bay of Plenty Fire Risk Management Officer John Rewi says with temperatures cooling off, the incident has highlighted a need to ensure our fireplaces are safe before use.

“We need to make sure our chimneys are clean and in working order. That might mean getting a plumber to come and check your flue is safe to use.”

Mr Rewi says it’s also highlighted a need to check we have working smoke alarms in the home.

He says when fires occur late at night smoke alarms are the best way to be alerted that you need to get to safety.

“You need to be awake when a fire happens. Your senses don’t work while you’re sleeping, only your hearing. Smoke alarms will wake you and alert you to get out of the house.”

He says an escape plan is also beneficial to have, and it’s important everyone in the property knows it — including guests.

Sam Gardner