Shake-up coming for Opotiki dog fees


Changes to Opotiki Councils dog registration fees, is a good step towards encouraging responsible dog ownership.

That's according to the District's Deputy Mayor Lyn Riesterer.

The council is currently working on new policy which would see an amendment of what constitutes as a working dog under its fees scheme.

Ms Riesterer says it comes after many East Coast residents have told council they'd like to see a change in what counts as a working dog, with many using their animals for hunting.

“The council’s gone out and said, ‘this is what we’re doing, can we do it better’, the public have come back to us and said, ‘yes how about looking at this.’

“We’ve checked out how other councils in New Zealand do this, in particular Ruapehu because they class their working dogs as hunting dogs.

“We’re now working towards a policy which makes that possible and I think that’ll make a huge difference in the number of dogs that are registered and micro chipped — but at a working dog rate.”

She says the rate remains the same as it always has been in the District at $40 per dog.

Sam Gardner