A plea for BOP drivers to minimise distractions


In the space of two hours, more than 20 people have been caught on their phones while driving in the Eastern Bay.

The figures come following a recent police operation, with a further 10 people also found unrestrained in vehicles.

The campaign, held at the Landing Road Bridge, targeted seat belts and mobile phone use in vehicles.

Road Policing Unit Head Ray Wylie says it's concerning the risks aren't sinking in with local residents.

“We’ve seen the consequences of people who have been distracted while driving - they’ve been severe, we’ve had some very serious injuries and deaths as a result.”

He says the message is simple.

“Stay off your phone while driving, make sure you have your seat belt on and don’t be distracted while driving.

“Focus on what you’re doing at all times when you’re in your vehicle.”

Sam Gardner