Forbes to retire as mayor

He's been Mayor of Opotiki for 18 years, but now John Forbes is bringing down the gavel on himself.

Forbes has been involved in local government in Opotiki, including council committees, for 32 years.

He's also represented the region on several national bodies.

He says after six terms as Mayor it’s time for someone else to take over.

“That’s a good long time to be doing that kind of work, but also there’s things I want to get on and do. I’ve got family in Australia, my wife and I would love to do some travel — it’s time to hand over the reins to someone else.”

Mr Forbes says it's been a huge privilege to lead and represent Opotiki.

“We get knocked from time to time, the media always jump in quite quickly when something negative happens here, but the positives you see are quite inspiring.

“We’ve had one or two civil defense disasters over the years that have challenged everyone, but that seems to bring out the best in them all. I have really enjoyed my time as Mayor.”

Sam Gardner