Hunters eager for Opotiki Big 3

The Eastern Bay is gearing up for another round of the Opotiki Big 3.

The annual hunting and fishing competition returns this Queen's Birthday weekend, challenging hunters to bring in the heaviest Stag or Boar, a Snapper and a Pheasant with the longest tail.

Organiser Slim McCallion says it's enjoyed by hunter gatherers from far and wide.

He says game can be gathered from anywhere in the country as long as it's weighed in at the Opotiki weigh station before cut-off.

"Probably the hardest one to get over the weekend is the snapper. You can be land-based or out at sea, no issues.

"We're hoping the whether clears up for the weekend so people can get out there and do it."

He says caps have been put on the weights to make the competition fairer on the average person and the average hunter.

"No one knows the caps until briefing."

Slim says it's a fun family-friendly weekend."

"It's a good weekend, it's a safe weekend and it brings everyone together to enjoy their long weekend together."

And it's not just the hunters that receive payoff.

"We've got proceeds going to the Fire Bridgade, Coastguard and St John Ambulance.

"We're looking forward to a good weekend, we've got a hearty bunch of workers behind the scenes bringing it all together."

A briefing will take place at Slim’s Bar in Opotiki on at 7 tomorrow night.

Sam Gardner