Eight charged with rioting in Awatapu brawl


Video footage has been a big help to Whakatane police in their investigation into last week's riot at Awatapu.

Fighting broke out between Black Power and Mongrel Mob members outside the Awatapu Drive funeral home where a gang member was being attended to.

Seven black power associates and patched members have been charged with rioting.

Another patched Mongrel Mob member charged also been charged with rioting and one other has been referred to the youth aid section.

All are well known to local police and were identified at the scene by staff and arrested over the proceeding few days.

Police have many video clips taken by members of the public along with its own footage taken by staff, which has assisted with the prosecution cases.

Police will be working to identify further offenders over the coming week and more arrests will be made.

Those who can assist with the investigation should contact Whakatane Police on 07 308 5255

Sam Gardner