Eastern Bay rivers rise following torrential downpour


Rivers are in flood after yesterday's downpour, but no major problems have been reported.

Rainfalls of up to 160 millimetres have been recorded in upper river catchments across the Eastern Bay.

When the rain set in yesterday, the Whakatane harbour-master advised boat-owners to move vessels in the river to the wharf.

It's understood one vessel had to be rescued as the river rose.

The levels at Rangitaiki River also prompted Trustpower to begin spilling water from the Matahina Dam as it reached alert status.

This morning the Whakatane River has reached a peak of about six and a half metres at Valley Road, while the Waioeka River has peaked at about four metres.

Water continues to be spilled from the Matahina Dam and as a result the Rangitaiki River has over-flowed onto some low-lying land between the stopbanks.

Precautions have been taken in Whakatane to protect the boat trailer park and Muruwai Drive from flooding.

Stop logs have been put in at the boat ramp to prevent this.

Sam Gardner