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Above Average Temperatures & Near Normal Rainfall Predicted For November - January

Get your summer gear ready.

NIWA have today released their Seasonal Climate Outlook for November - January, which reveals warmer and drier days are on the horizon.

The summary notes above average temperatures are imminent and sea surface temperatures may increase in November.

Rainfall is about equally likely to be near normal or above normal in the east of the North Island. As a whole, La Niña will continue to have a meaningful influence on New Zealand’s climate in the coming months.

NIWA'S predictions for Northland, Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty:

  • Temperatures are very likely to be above average (70% chance). More northeasterly winds and marine heatwave conditions will result in high heat and humidity at times.

  • Rainfall totals are most likely to be near normal (45% chance) for the season as a whole. However, note that there is a 35% chance for below normal rainfall. There is an increased risk for dry spells over the period, like what was experienced in 2020-21 and 2021-22.Occasional tropical moisture plumes are also possible.

  • Soil moisture levels and river flows are about equally likely to be below normal (45% chance) or near normal (40% chance).

Photo: Supplied.


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