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Bay Of Plenty Police Concerned About Road Deahts

Police are concerned about the number of deaths on Bay of Plenty roads.

Four people died on the region's roads over the weekend, including two in the Eastern Bay.

One person died in a serious crash in Nukuhou on Sunday, followed by another fatal crash, in Omataroa, a few hours later.

Bay of Plenty road policing manager, Inspector Brent Crowe says, multiple fatalities in a short period of time is a tragedy.

“Police are now working hard to understand why these crashes occurred and our focus is on supporting the families and providing them with answers," Crowe says.

He says, a sudden loss of life is extremely hard for families to come to terms with and life-changing.

Crowe also says, drivers have a responsibility to themselves and other road users to be a safe driver.

Police are urging motorists to drive safely, impairment free, wearing a seatbelt, and completely focused on the task.

"Every time someone gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, they have a responsibility to themselves and other road users to drive safely, free from impairment, securely restrained and completely focused on the task at hand."

Crowe says, the answer to reducing trauma on our roads rests with those behind the wheel.


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