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Bay of Plenty Regional Council Investigate Monday's Oil Spill In Tauranga Harbour

Bay of Plenty Regional Council continue to investigate the cause of an oil spill in the Tauranga Harbour on Monday.

Regional Council were first notified of the spill on Monday morning after receiving several calls about oil on the water in Tauranga Harbour, north of Sulphur Point and around Waikorire Pilot Bay.

Duty Regional On-Scene Commander Matthew Harrex said on Monday, the initial assessment suggests the spill is a mix of diesel and some heavier oil.

Maritime and Compliance teams returned to Waikorire Pilot Bay this morning, undertaking a full assessment of the area and continued clean-up of the shoreline.

The clean-up involves monitoring absorbent booms that were deployed soon after the event and raking, shovelling and removing contaminated sand and material from along the shoreline.

Regional On Scene Commander, John Morris provided an update on this situation this morning.

"There were no new signs of oil and/or diesel in the water, however a light sheen from remnant oil and/or diesel could be seen near the tugboats and this is being directed towards the booms,"

"Some remnant oil and /or diesel was also sighted at the northern end of the bay around the rocks. This will likely be dispersed by wind, current and wave action," Morris says.

"The investigation into the source of this spill continues,"

Images: Bay of Plenty Regional Council.

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