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BOPRC Harbourmaster Team Urge Safety On The Water

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council Harbourmaster team are stressing the importance of following water safety rules.

Excessive speed and a lack of lifejackets for recreational boat users continue to be the Harbourmaster team's biggest headaches this summer.

Data shows from Labour Weekend to January 10th, patrols have issued breach notices to 94 skippers for speeding violations and 86 for breaking lifejacket rules. 345 breaches have been handed out in total.

Harbourmaster, Jon Jon Peters says, "they've interacted with over 1700 boaties across the region and it's disappointing to see many ignoring the rules."

"Again, the biggest culprits are power boat and jetski users, but we are seeing an increase in kayak and paddleboard users not carrying lifejackets or personal floatation devices,”

Of the 86 lifejacket breaches 22 were kayakers and 17 were stand-up paddleboarders. Two thirds of the speeding violations were also committed by jetski operators.


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