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BOPRC Searching For Escaped/Released Eastern Water Dragon

The Bay of Plenty Regional Council are urging residents to come forward if they've seen an Eastern Water Dragon recently.

It comes, following a reported sighting of an Eastern water dragon around White Pine Bush and the Waimana Gorge.

"It’s either escaped or been released. Either way that’s not ok," the Regional Council say in a social media post.

"Most pets released or escape into the wild will not survive. Those that do survive will eat the native plants or hunt the native wildlife that don’t have the natural defences to protect themselves against a new predator in their environment. Escaped pets can also carry diseases that may spread diseases (in this case to native lizards)."

Following the sighting, the Regional Council reiterate the importance of rehoming a pet instead of letting it free.

Anyone who lives in the East, around the area of the reported sighting, are asked to contact the Regional Council if they spot an Eastern Water Dragon.


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