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  • Paora Manuel

Case Review Hearing For Whakaari Trial To Go Ahead

There's a case review hearing for those facing, alleged health and safety breaches, leading up to the 2019 Whakaari White Island eruption, tomorrow.

The last case review hearing in May saw, island owners, the Buttle brothers, file to have their charges, dismissed.

Judge Evangelos Thomas, dismissed the application, nearly two weeks ago, saying it fell short of establishing bad faith or an improper motive against Worksafe.

May's hearing also saw, Tauranga Tourism Limited consider whether to file a dismissal request.

The company's accused of not ensuring the health and safety of tour operators and tourists on the island and failing to comply with duty that puts someone at risk of serious injury, or death.

Judge Thomas told Tauranga Tourism Limited's lawyer, Sarah Wroe to speak with prosecutors on potential hearing dates.

The Environment Court in Auckland will hold the trial was determined set down for July, next year.

Judge Thomas says holding the trial in Auckland would mean easier access for lawyers, victims and court staff.

The hearing will start at around 10am.

The charges don't relate to the events of the eruption, or the rescue efforts.


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