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Eastern Bay MP's Remember Trailblazing MP, Georgina Beyer

Sassy, styley, spunky and an example of courage.

That's how the late Georgina Beyer, is being remembered by Eastern Bay MP's Kiri Allan and Rawiri Waititi.

Beyer, New Zealand's first openly transgender Mayor and MP, died yesterday aged 65, after a long illness.

She became Mayor of Wairarapa's Carterton in 1995, and was an MP from 1999 to 2007.

Both Allan and Waititi took to social media, to pay their respects to Beyer, calling her a trailblazer.

Allan said, Beyer paved paths for so many to follow and lived a life others could only dream of.

She described Beyer as someone, who "spoke her mind and danced to her own beat."

Waititi thanked Beyer for her contribution to creating a better Aotearoa.

Waititi said, Beyer was "an example of courage and an extraordinary human being."


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