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Farmers Take To The Streets Tomorrow For Groundswell Protest

Tomorrow will allow the opportunity for Eastern Bay farmers to stand up to the Government.

Protests organised by Groundswell New Zealand will take place at 55 locations across the nation tomorrow, including Whakatāne.

The group are protesting in response to the Government's document released last week, proposing to tax farmers for emissions on food production.

"Over 28,000 New Zealanders have signed] up to protect farming and our rural communities from the Government's punitive, counterproductive, and unworkable tax on food production," Groundswell said in an email.

"The government must stop proposed emissions tax, and undo legislation putting agriculture into the ETS. We are already the most sustainable food producers in the world, as verified by independent research." Groundswell says.

A convoy to Rotorua will set off from The Hub in Whakatāne tomorrow, starting at 10am.


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