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Horizon Networks Work To Decipher Recent Power Outages In Whakatāne CBD

Horizon Networks wishes to advise customers that over the last three days, they have

experienced three separate faults on different parts of the network within the Whakatāne CBD, that have resulted in a significant number of customers being affected for a short duration. They involve the failure of paper-insulated lead cable terminations.

"We currently do not have an explanation for why these terminations have failed in quick succession, and we will be sending away the failed terminations for independent review and seek appropriate advice on the likely cause of the failures and what if any corrective actions may be required to avoid a repeat of the faults," A Horizon Networks spokesperson says.

"We apologise for the inconvenience caused and the community can be assured that we are taking these failures seriously and a process is underway to identify the possible cause of the failures. We thank those that have been affected, for their continued patience and understanding."

Horizon Networks advise those customers who are medically dependent on electricity to contact their retailers if their power is out. In an emergency, they should activate and follow the emergency plan set up by their doctor. They should call their health provider or dial 111 if it's an emergency.

Anyone who sees any damaged power equipment or power lines down, are asked to please keep a safe distance away and report it to Horizon as soon as possible on 0800 HORIZON or 07 306 29600. "Treat all lines as live, at all times."

Horizon advise all customers to contact their retailers in the first instance, and to treat ALL lines as alive at ALL times.

For more information about preparing for natural disasters or civil emergencies, please visit the Civil Defence website at

Image: Horizon Networks.

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