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  • Paora Manuel

Industry Dispute Between Essity & Workers Continues On

The industrial dispute between Essity and the workers at it's Kawerau factory continues.

145 workers have been locked out of the Essity site since August 9th - due to a pay dispute.

The company offered a 3-percent pay rise over the next three years and a one-off cash payment.

Pulp and Paper Workers Union turned down the offer.

Their counter-offer was a pay rise to match inflation.

Union spokesperson Tane Phillip says, they're willing to negotiate but claims the company hasn't budged on their offer.

Phillip says, the workers worked every day during lockdown to maintain toilet paper supplies.

Kawerau General Manager Peter Hockley says, accepting the Union’s demands has real potential to cost local jobs.

Hockley says, their offer maintains attractive conditions, addresses inflation impacts, and is fair and reasonable.

A spokesperson for Countdown supermarkets says, Essity has been in contact with them about the industrial dispute.

The Countdown spokesperson sez, they're working with them and our other supply partners to make sure there's enough toilet paper supply for everyone

Essity mill, produces Purex toilet paper and Handee paper towels, since the beginning of the month.

Foodstuffs has also been approached for comment.


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