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Man Pleads Not Guilty To Murder Of Korrey Whyman

One man appeared in the Rotorua High Court today in relation to the death of Kawerau woman Korrey Whyman.

He pleaded not guilty to three charges including murder and two charges of discharging a firearm with reckless disregard.

Whyman died, after being shot, while inside a vehicle, while travelling on State Highway 33, in September last year.

The man was remanded him in custody to reappear in the High Court, on September 15th.

The man will also appear alongside 30-year-old Rotoiti man Credence Paripari Malcolm.

Malcolm is also charged with Whyman’s murder but has yet to enter pleas.

Crown solicitor Amanda Gordon told the High Court, there were expected to be more defendants.

Gordon said she estimated the trial would take five weeks.

Justice Campbell set the trial date for April 8th next year.

Anyone with information relating to Whyman's death are urged to ring Police on 105 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


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