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Meth Detection In Eastern Bay Wastewater Drops, But Still Illicit Drug Of Choice

A new Police report shows, meth detection in Eastern Bay wastewater has dropped, but it's still the illicit drug of choice.

The report shows, meth formed 86 percent of drugs detected in Opotiki, between January and March, this year.

It's an 11% drop compared to October to December 2021.

In Whakatane, 84% of meth was detected in the first part of this year, an 8% drop compared to late last year.

The report also showed, Kawerau wastewater detected 93% meth at the start of 2022, up 1 percent from the end of 2021.

Despite the drop in meth detection in Whakatane, MDMA formed 15% of drugs was detected, a 7% rise between late 2021 and early 2022.

In that same time-frame, MDMA detection in Opotiki wastewater, rose from 3 to 14%.

Wastewater detection of MDMA in Kawerau was 7%, a 1% dip from the end of last year


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