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NIWA Predict Rain & Hot Temperatures For February - April

More rain is on the horizon for the Bay of Plenty over the next few months.

NIWA's Seasonal Climate Database for February to April has revealed there's a 45% chance rainfall totals are most likely to be above normal in the Bay of Plenty. Data shows, sub-tropical low pressure systems and/or atmospheric rivers are forecast to occasionally impact the region, increasing the risk for heavy rain and flooding.

It's a trend NIWA are predicting for the upper North Island and northern South Island, with heavy rainfall and flooding on the cards over the next few weeks.

Despite the rain in the forecast, temperatures will remain high. The report shows there's a 65% chance temperatures are very likely to be above average in the Bay of Plenty through to April. NIWA state, more tropical winds and above average sea surface temperatures will result in higher overnight temperatures. However, increased cloudiness may lead to cooler daytime temperatures.

The report noted, there's also a 45% chance each that soil moisture levels are equally likely to be near normal or above normal, while river flows are most likely to be above normal (50% chance).


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