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NIWA Predict Warmer Temperatures To Spike Soon

Summer could hit the Eastern Bay sooner than anticipated.

NIWA's latest Seasonal Climate Outlook for October - December has shown temperatures will be on the rise and rainfall totals will be relatively normal for the time of year.

Key points in the outlook include:

  • Temperatures are very likely to be above average (70% chance) in the Bay of Plenty. More northeasterly winds and marine heatwave conditions will result in unseasonable warmth and humidity at times.

  • Rainfall totals are about equally likely to be near normal (40% chance) or above normal (35% chance). Sub-tropical low pressure systems will occasionally track toward the region, such as during the first and third week of October, increasing the risk for heavy rain. Conversely, more northeasterly winds could lead to dry spells, particularly in the south-west of the region, such as Waikato.

  • Soil moisture levels and river flows are most likely to be near normal (45% chance).


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