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Over 800 Drivers Breath-Tested By Police, Last Weekend

Eastern Bay Police breath-tested over 800 drivers, this past weekend.

Police set up checkpoints in Opotiki and Whakatane, last Friday night.

Checkpoints were also set up in Kawerau, Edgecumbe and Awakeri, the following night

Police say, every driver through the Kawerau checkpoint passed the breath alcohol test.

It's a contrast to the nine that failed at the checkpoint, back in May.

Senior Sergeant Tristan Murray says, the Kawerau figures were an outstanding result, which more people could learn from.

Of the 864 drivers breath-tested, 19 got caught by Police for various offences.

Eleven drivers were charged with driving with excess breath alcohol, while four were forbidden from driving.

Two cars were impounded and two people were caught driving while disqualified.

Murray says, the simple message is, if you drink alcohol, don’t drive.

Murray says, people should not drive, when impaired by alcohol, drugs, or fatigue.

"It’s not only your life on the line, but everybody else sharing the road with you," Murray says.

Murray also says, drivers should expect to be stopped by Police at any time.

"We want to see everybody taking their safety and the safety of other motorists seriously, to help ensure everyone arrives alive."


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