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  • Jessica Doney

Police Arrest & Charge Man Following Reports Of Burnouts In Ōhope

Police arrested and charged a 19-year-old-man yesterday after reports of a vehicle doing burnouts on West End Road, Ōhope over the weekend.

Police received a number of calls about the incident which occurred in the early hours of Saturday morning, around 7am.

"A man was located near the vehicle and blew well over the legal limit for breath alcohol," A Police spokesperson says.

"The vehicle has been impounded by Police and the man has been charged with sustained loss of traction and driving with excess breath alcohol,"

"Thanks to the members of the public that reported this incident, Police were able to respond quickly and hold the person responsible to account," the spokesperson says.

Whakatane Police encourage anyone that sees this type of behaviour to report it to Police immediately by calling 111.

Police state, this offending will not be tolerated and the community can be reassured that those engaging in this activity will end up before the courts.

The man will appear before the court in due course.

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