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Police Plea To Eastern Bay Dirt Bike Riders

Police are urging Eastern Bay dirt bike riders to get their motorbike license to ride in public spaces.

The plea comes, as Police have noticed an increase in unlicensed riders on unregistered dirt bikes, without any helmets or protective clothing, in towns across the district in recent weeks.

"Riders are often found travelling on roads and footpaths at excessive speeds throughout Kawerau, Ōpōtiki and Whakatāne and frequently fail to stop for Police when signalled to do so," Senior Sergeant, Megan Te Aho says.

"This is very unsafe and can lead to a fatal crash,"

"Police will be stopping and forbidding these riders from using their motorbikes until they obtain a motorbike driver’s license,"

"Riders should also stay away from public areas."

Police note the infringement fine for riding in public spaces such as parks, reserves and footpaths is $150.

"Police will look to enforce this and impound motorbikes if riders continue, which leads to a Driving Whilst Forbidden charge in court," Te Aho says.

"This is not a way that most of these young people envisage the start of their driver license journey,"

Police ask parents to help with this issue and stop their children riding dirt bikes around the streets.

Unless you have a driver’s license, Police ask to only ride your bike on farmland and purpose-built dirt bike tracks such as the Awakaponga Motocross Track at Manawahe.

Photo: Supplied.


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