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  • Jessica Doney

Police Make Three Arrests In Ōpōtiki In Past Week

Ōpōtiki Police made three arrests last week following four search warrants for dangerous road user behaviour and other serious criminal offending.

A youth and a 29-year-old man were arrested for dangerous driving, with two motorbikes seized from local properties.

The 29-year-old man was arrested on four charges of driving while disqualified and one of dangerous driving.

He is due to appear in Ōpōtiki District Court on Thursday.

The youth is due to appear in the Youth Court on a range of charges this week.

"Dangerous behaviour on the roads, including riding without a helmet or the appropriate licence," Rural Response Manager Senior Sergeant Richard Miller says.

Miller says, it’s been a significant issue in the town.

Police have seized four other motorbikes in recent weeks.

“These riders have little regard for their own safety or that of other road users,"

“In some cases, they’re riding without the appropriate protection or training,"

“We understand the community is fed up with this type of behaviour and we don’t want to see anyone seriously injured or killed,"

“As these search warrants and arrests demonstrate, this behaviour will not be tolerated.” Miller says.

Police also arrested a 38-year-old woman for obstructing Police during a search warrant at another local address, relating to serious drug offending, last Tuesday.

Small quantities of cannabis, GBL and methamphetamine were seized, along with electronic devices.

"Police are asking the Ōpōtiki community to keep their eyes and ears open for dangerous behaviour on the roads and any other suspicious activity." Miller says.


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