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SH35 Ruatoria to Gisborne Re-Opened 24/7

Waka Kotahi have re-opened State Highway 35 from Ruatoria to Gisborne around the clock, following several overnight closures.

State Highway 35 closed last night at 5pm for final safety work and re-opened at 7am this morning.

The section of the highway had been closed overnight since the weekend due to hazards caused by last week's heavy rain.

"Crews have been working on affected parts of the road and roadside signage to make sure the road is safe and signs clearly visible overnight," says Waka Kotahi Regional Manager of Maintenance and Operations, Jaclyn Hankin.

"Please continue to drive to the conditions and expect delays as a number of areas will remain under traffic management,"

"There may also be an increase in traffic volumes using the state highway during the school holidays, which begin this weekend."

"We understand the impact these closures have on our communities and want to thank everyone who relies on these important connections for their understanding and support, as well as the roading crews and engineers who have been working to safely restore 24/7 access,” Hankin says.

Across the hills, State Highway 2 between Matawai and Ormond remains closed due to a road dropout. Waka Kotahi hope to be able to give an update on progress today.

Image: Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency.

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