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Skyrocketing Food Prices Hit Eastern Bay Shoppers

Near record-high food prices in March continue to sting the wallets of Eastern Bay shoppers.

New figures announced by Stats NZ yesterday revealed food prices were 12.1% higher last month than March 2022.

It's the biggest annual jump since the late 1980s and slightly higher than the 12%annual rise back in February.

Grocery food was the biggest contributor to the movement, having increased 14% in 12 months.

“Increasing prices for barn or cage-raised eggs, potato chips, and 6-pack yoghurt were the largest drivers within grocery food,” says Consumer Prices Manager, James Mitchell.

The data noted fruit and vegetables were the second largest contributor to the movement, up 22%, primarily driven by the prices for tomatoes, potatoes and avocado.

Restaurant and takeaway meals increased 8.7%, non-alcoholic beverage prices were up 8.2% and meat, poultry and fish prices rose 7.8%.

Image: RNZ (123RF).

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