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Stats NZ Data Shows Further Rise In Food Prices

It's a tough time for Eastern Bay shoppers as food prices continue to soar.

Stats NZ announced today, food prices were 10.7% higher last month compared with November 2021.

Grocery food was the largest contributor to the monthly movement, having increased 10% since November 2021.

"Increasing prices for cheddar cheese, yoghurt, and standard two-litre milk, were the largest drivers within grocery food." says. Consumer Prices Manager James Mitchell.

Fruit and vegetables were the second-largest contributor, up% in 12 months. Increase in price for potatoes, onions and bananas were key influences to the movement.

Restaurant meals and ready-to-eat food prices also increased by 8.0%, meat, poultry, and fish prices went up 12%, and non-alcoholic beverage prices increased by 7.8%.


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