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Lockout Talks Between Essity & Union To Resume Next Week

Discussions between Essity and the Pulp and Paper Workers Union have been adjourned until next week.

145 workers have been locked out of the Essity site since August 9th - due to a pay dispute.

Since then, Essity’s offer over three years is 14.7%

It consists of an 8.4% percent pay rise this year, to deal with current inflation pressures, this year (3% plus a one-off $4,500 payment equal to another 5.4%).

It would also see workers get another 3% pay rise in 2023 and 2024.

That offer was rejected by the Union, and their counter-offer was a pay rise to match inflation.

Essity’s General Manager at Kawerau Peter Hockley says, the facilitated bargaining over the past two days has seen positive progress made.

Hockley says, discussions will continue on Monday and Tuesday.

“Essity is committed to a fair and reasonable settlement that will support the future of the site,” Hockley says.

The site will remain shut while talks continue.

A fundraiser launched by the Council of Trade Unions has raised over $20,000 so far to help the locked-out workers.

Council of Trade Union President, Richard Wagstaff was heartened by the response to the fundraiser.

Wagstaff says, he was particularly pleased to see other unions making donations.


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