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Tamati Coffey Selected To Replace Kiri Allan In Upcoming Election

Tamati Coffey has been confirmed as Labour's candidate for the East Coast for the upcoming October election.

It follows outgoing East Coast MP, Kiri Allan's resignation last week.

Coffey has returned to politics after he stepped back earlier this year to focus on his family.

"Earlier this year I chose to step back from politics following the birth of my second child," Coffey says.

“However, the tragic events of last week which led to my colleague and friend Kiritapu Allan choosing to step down at the upcoming election have changed things significantly,"

“The people of the East Coast need a strong, experienced MP who can hit the ground running and provide strong representation in Parliament. The East Coast has been through so much this year and it needs an experienced champion in Parliament," Coffey says.

“At the start of this year, the region had two Senior Labour MPs representing them. I’m here to finish what they started.,"

“As an MP, I’ve helped hundreds of constituents with difficult issues – I know how to stand up for people, how to get things done and how to champion people in need,"

“This is an area I know well. As first the electorate and then the List MP based in the Waiariki region, I’m very aware that half of the Waiariki electorate overlaps half the East Coast electorate from Maketu to the East Cape. These are communities I know deeply and who know I will get things done for them in Parliament,"

“On the Tai Rawhiti side, I proudly acknowledge my whakapapa with my kuia, a born and bred Coastie raised between Gisborne and Uawa/Tolaga Bay, where she lies in peace,"

“Most importantly, whanau were my reason for stepping back and it is my whanau who have given me the green light to stay in politics, challenge for the seat, and to do my bit to support an area that I love that so needs a champion right now,"

“I will work hard every day of this campaign to win the trust and support of the people of the East Coast, and if elected I’ll work every minute I can to support the region and its people as it recovers," Coffey says.

”I want to put the mighty back into the East Coast!”

Image: Labour Party.

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