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Te Teko Police Investigate Ongoing Mail Theft

Rural Eastern Bay residents are being urged to be vigilant around their mail and deliveries, following a spate of mail theft.

Te Teko Police are investigating reports of stolen mail from letterboxes in the Awakaponga, Manawahe, Otakiri and Onepu areas.

Police add, along with mail being reported missing, mail has been found dumped on the side of the road or in other letter boxes - sometimes many kilometres from where the mail had originally been delivered.

"This is mindless offending, which has the potential to cause emotional and financial stress to those impacted," says Senior Constable Wayne Lawrence, Te Teko Rural Liaison Officer.

Police recommend residents check their letterbox regularly and removing mail and parcels promptly, and reporting any suspicious/concerning behaviour immediately.

Anyone with information about the person/s responsible is asked to contact Police via 105, quoting file number 231009/3162.

Information can also be shared anonymously via Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.


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