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Three Men Charged After Cop Car Rammed In Kawerau

Three men have been charged after a police car was hit by a fleeing car in Kawerau.

The incident happened as Kawerau Police responded to reports of gang members intimidating the public, back in August.

Senior Sergeant Tristan Murray said, two police officers were inside the police car when it was hit.

Murray said, it was part of an operation targeting offending by several gang members in Kawerau.

A 26year old man was charged with disorderly behaviour, escaping custody, and possession of cannabis charges.

The man pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 50 hours community service.

Two Kawerau men, ages 29 and 30 both face a raft of disorderly, driving and sustained loss of traction charges.

The 29year old is also facing two charges of assault with a weapon as well as obstruction, and threatening speech.

The 30year old is also charged with assault with intent to injure and resisting police.

Both men are due to reappear in the Whakatane District Court, next month.

The 29 year old is set to be in court on November 7th, while the 30 year old will reappear, the following week.


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