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Warning Issued Following Reports Of Spam Text Messages

Eastern Bay residents are being warned to be wary of a new text scam that is circulating around the community.

Several spam text messages have been reported recently, who are posing as NZTA, IRD as well as a number of New Zealand banks.

According to Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, messages received are telling the recipient they either have an road toll bills that haven't been paid or are overdue, or that their driver license or vehicle registration needs renewing.

Waka Kotahi state, these messages tend to be from an +61 Australian number.

The Department of Internal Affairs asks anyone who receives an unusual and unexpected text message to follow their 5 steps:

1. Check it’s legit. People should contact the organisation directly to see if the message is real.

2. People should never click on any suspicious links included in the message.

3. People should never provide any personal information, this includes your bank or payment card details.

4. People should check the spelling of the message as spelling or grammar mistakes are common in spam messages.

5. People should immediately forward the spam text message to the Department of Internal Affairs at 7726.

Image: Newshub (Getty Images).

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