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Wear Mask In Hospital - Message From Health Bay Of Plenty

Health Bay of Plenty are reminding people to wear a mask, when visiting hospitals and other facilities.

Both Whakatāne and Tauranga Hospitals are asking visitors to wear a mask that fits properly - and keep it on at all times.

Chief operating officer, Bronwyn Anstis says, people are taking their masks off, after entering a hospital.

She says, people not wearing masks in hosptials poses a risk of infecting staff and patients with the flu or Covid-19.

She also says, it's a risk as some people are carrying the flu or Covid without showing any symptoms.

It comes as respiratory diseases like COVID-19, flu and RSV can place a lot of pressure on hospitals.

Anstis says, their highest priority is ensuring the safety of patients and staff.

They're also asking visitors to regularly wash/sanitize their hands and keep their distance from others as much as possible.

People who are sick are asked to avoid visiting friends and whānau in hospital, to limit the infection's transmission.


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