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Whakatāne Couple Win $500,000 In Strike

One Whakatāne couple are dreaming big after a major win in Strike last weekend.

The couple won $500,000 in Strike Four last Saturday after purchasing their ticket at the Halfway Store in Kopeopeo.

The couple, who wish to remain anonymous, spoke to Lotto about the win.

"I was in town shopping with my kids when I happened to pop into the store next door and buy a ticket for the draw that evening – which worked out pretty well in hindsight,” the man said.

“I left the ticket in the car and completely forgot about it. It wasn’t until Monday morning on my way to work that I remembered and decided to check it instore.”

“The retailer told me that someone in Whakatāne had won $500,000, and I thought, ‘Good for them.’ I couldn’t believe it when they put my tickets through and said I’d won Strike 4!”

After filling out his Prize Claim Form, the man thought he’d surprise his wife, who was still in bed. “I sent her a photo of the form, giving her a bit of a wake-up! She was just as shocked as I was,” the man laughed.

The man went to work as usual, though he admitted to Lotto it was “hard to focus.”

He returned home later that night and celebrated the win with his wife.

“We were still reeling. We spent the rest of the evening talking about all the things we could do. This win has opened so many possibilities for our future,” the man said.

“It will mean I can relax and enjoy life a bit more – and pay off that mortgage!”

Image: Lotto NZ

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