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  • Jessica Doney

Whakatāne District Council Launch Next Phase Of Landing Road Roundabout Project

Significant changes will commence overnight tonight for the next phase of the Whakatāne's Landing Road Roundabout Project.

Whakatāne District Council advise, Phase 2.5 will see traffic flow around roundabout, but not yet into Hinemoa Street.

“The section of Hinemoa Street between Victoria Avenue and the roundabout will remain closed with access to residents only until December 15th, however Landing Road extension will re-open tomorrow.” says Whakatāne District Council Manager Transport, Ann-Elise Reynolds.

Council note, work on the layout switchover will occur overnight tonight with the roundabout operational from first thing tomorrow morning.

Reynolds says the opening of the new roundabout layout marks a significant milestone.

“To date, the project has progressed smoothly which we’re rapt with,” she says. “The site is a hive of activity as we draw nearer to the finish line and while the bow is not completely tied on the project with additional work to be completed in the coming weeks, opening the roundabout for use is a really exciting step for us – and we’re ahead of schedule.”

Council note, the new slip lane from Whakatāne Bridge to Landing Road won't be operational until December 15th. This will also see some additional minor layout changes.

Construction of refuge islands and crossing points is ongoing, with activity and potential delays expected until mid-December. Landscaping and other finishing work will be completed in the New Year.

Temporary road layouts in the Victoria Avenue, James, Nelson, and Hawera Street area will continue until mid-December. Council will provide updates regarding the reinstatement of the old layouts.

Motorists travelling in the area are urged to take extra care due to the new layout changes.

“We encourage everyone to approach the Landing Road neighbourhood with caution as we all adjust to the new road layout,” Reynolds says.

“Not only will this layout take a bit of getting used to, but there are some areas where the surface is temporarily uneven, and we urge motorists to slow down and be aware of their surroundings."

Additional information regarding the Landing Road Roundabout Project can be found on the Whakatāne District Council's website.

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