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Whakatāne Hospital Junior Doctors Stage Another Strike

Junior doctors from Whakatāne Hospital downed tools today, for the second time in two weeks.

Several doctors took their picket lines to the Whakatāne bridge roundabout - where cars tooted their horns in support.

Te Whatu Ora said no resident medical officer "would have their pay cut."

Whakatane Hospital doctor, Grace Puentener-King is happy Te Whatu Ora is moving away from the planned pay cuts.

But Puentener-King said there's a few more things they need to settle.

"We're not being paid the same as our colleagues, who are working the same job as us, just because we want safer working conditions."

There's also other non-pay concerns for resident doctors.

Puentener-King said they don't want to work two back-to-back shifts.

"We also want our doctors to take their leave, because at the moment, it's pretty difficult."

Te Whatu Ora chief people officer Andrew Slater said they were unable to reach an agreement.

Slater said they've also done contingency planning for the strike.

"Doctors and other health professionals will still be available during any strike action to ensure the continued availability of health services for those who need them," Slater said.

All emergency departments are open but patients should attend any appointments or treatments, unless you have been contacted directly, Slater said.


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