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Whakatāne Temperatures Exceed May Averages

MetService have confirmed, it's been an unusually warm start to May in Whakatāne.

According to MetService, the minimum temperatures for May 2nd and May 3rd (18.2 and 18.3) were some of the warmest minimum temperatures for Whakatāne on record (records go back to 1974).

Whakatane's lowest minimum temperatures so far this May was 16.8 degrees Celsius, which was recorded this morning.

"This May’s minimum temperatures have all been well above average for this time of year (average minimum temperature for Whakatāne for the month of May is 7.4°C), more than 10°C warmer than average for many days this month," says MetService Meterologist Thapi Makgabutlane.

However, the muggy start to the month will soon diminish with winter-like conditions kicking in later this week. MetService are expecting a minimum temperature of 3 degrees Celsius for Whakatāne on Friday.


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