Kiwi ice-cream lovers rejoice as Cookies and Cream tubs return to shelves

There was heart break when Tiptop decided to stop producing their cookies & Cream ice cream in the 2L tubs.


The popular ice-cream was removed almost 18 months which sent fans of the icy treat into a frenzy.

At the time the ice-cream was discontinued, A spokesperson for Tip Top told Newshub they knew it was a "flavour kiwis love and we’ve been listening closely to the feedback." It seems the company has finally acted on the response and returned the ice-cream to supermarkets across the country.

The company made the the announcement on their Facebook page where their fans expressed their joy.

Now that we’ve got Cookies & Cream back people are now calling for Tiptop to bring back Dessertalicious, I am not against such a thing happening!

Michelle Keighley