Will Hugh Jackman be in "The Greatest Showman" sequel?

Bad news for all you “Greatest Showman” fans out there- Hugh Jackman admits he has doubts about returning for a possible sequel.


In a recent interview with the BBC, Jackman was uncertain about his commitments to the movie.

"I'm being completely honest with you, there is talk of something going around but no one is really sure." Jackman said.

"I think right now there's more emphasis being put on what will happen with... 'I was doing my show, will there be another live version'. No one is really sure right now, so that's the honest truth."

The interview then turned to whether he'd like to take part in a potential sequel...

"I don't know," he said. "I would like to be part of it, for sure, and I don't know if it would be centered on my character."

"The other thing is, it did take eight years to get [the first movie] made and that wasn't all eight years of convincing people. It takes a long time to write stuff."

Our fingers are crossed that it all works out for Hugh!

Michelle Keighley