Mel B rushed to hospital after going temporarily blind at Spice Girls World Tour rehearsal


Mel B was rushed to hospital on Friday after losing her sight.

The Spice Girls singer - who has no vision in her left eye after laser surgery went wrong - was rushed to London's Moorfield Eye Hospital after she was suddenly unable to see out of her right eye.

Mel arrived at the specialist facility wearing an eye patch and reportedly said: "I can't see anything -- I am totally blind."

A source added to The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "She was clearly in a lot of pain."

A source said: "Mel was in a really bad way. The other girls and their managers were really worried.

"Mel was frantic and screaming that she couldn't see a thing. She went to the hospital in a chauffeur-driven car with an assistant, who was holding her hand.

"No one knew what brought it on but she had very swift, and very good, treatment.

"It is unclear if the loss of vision is linked to her previous problems, although it does seem likely."

"Mel was determined to get back in action and was very brave. The situation did cause concern, and it is something the girls and those around them will monitor closely when the concerts start."

Wishing Mel B the fastest and safest recovery!

Michelle Keighley