Whinging with your workmates is good for your health says study

Ever been caught having a cheeky chin wag with the rest of the office? This study done by the  University of Melbourne is for you! 


The study claims that having a gossip and a whinge with your workmates does amazing for your mental health.

"Generally, people don’t think there’s any value to it or they think it has no place in the workplace." the study says.

"It helps people to process stress and frustration and you notice palpable changes when team members engaged in both activities."

"It allows people to recognise how similar they are in the challenges they’re facing every day and how they feel about them," the researchers added.

"One of the best things in the team I observed, was that these griping rituals helped doctors and nurses realised they were feeling the same way about situations and they weren’t that different."

"By engaging in those little rituals in their care planning meetings they processed some of that negative energy and left feeling more energised."

Michelle Keighley