Coldest morning of the year ready to hit tomorrow!


A near-perfect recipe for a chilly morning is brewing for tomorrow as plummeting temperatures are already affecting some areas, according to NIWA forecaster Chris Brandolino.

Cold temperatures chilled some areas this morning as a southwest flow struck the country and left frost in its path.

Preliminary temperature readings for this morning showed the chilliest locations include Mt Potts on -7.3C, Clyde on -3.7C and the Desert Rd which hit -2.3C.

But the full brunt of the wintry blast may still be on its way, and is expected on tomorrow morning.

"Tomorrow morning looks like it will be the coldest morning when you look at New Zealand as a whole."

Brandolino also warned drivers to "watch out for frost when you are driving because some of the roads will be slick as you are driving around”.


Michelle Keighley